What’s The Best Sports Arbing Software? (Sure Bet Finder)

What’s The Best Sports Arbing Software? (Sure Bet Finder)

What’s The Best Sports Arbing Software? (Sure Bet Finder)

Rebelbetting Best Arbitrage Software Best Arbing Software. Arbing Tool, Best Arb Finder.

Sports Arbing, Arbitrage Betting, or Sure Betting isn’t gambling. It’s when punters are able to place a combination of bets using different bookmakers in order to secure a (mathematically) guaranteed profit whatever result happens. Arbing is straightforward, requires very little experience, and it’s completely risk free — provided you’re equipped with an “Arb Finder” or “Arbing Software”.

Let’s take a look at both the free and paid options you have when it comes to Arbitrage Betting Software…


Free vs. Paid Arbing Software

Free Arbing Software

There are some free arbitrage bet finders available online. Using them is a good way to learn what’s involved in arbing, and it means you don’t have to look for arbs manually.

However, the free options have limitations. They don’t tend to refresh the feed fast enough, nor do they offer many markets. Sure bets don’t last for long so you really do need to have plenty of betting opportunities coming in thick and fast for it to be worth your time.

If you’re interested in finding free arbs, then i recommend signing up to one of the following services. They both include a free Arb Finder and an Arbing calculator:

OddsMonkey. Use their ‘Odds Matcher’ to display free arbs. Until you upgrade to the Premium version it’s limited — but it will give you a feel for Arbing and Matched Betting (which are very similar).
Bet Burger. Their Arbing Software includes a free mode which shows Prematch arbs of up to 1% (with a 60 second delay). Scroll down for the full review of Bet Burger.

Arbing Software OddsMonkey


How to use the OddsMonkey Odds Matcher as an Arb Finder:

Click the ‘Filter’ button.
Change the Match Rating settings to show only >100.00% Ratings (e.g. 100.00% to 200.00%).
Click ‘Apply FIlter’ and it’ll instantly show you where a Bookmaker is offering better odds than a betting exchange right now. This is what creates the risk-free arbitrage betting opportunity.

Paid Arbing Software

You don’t need to spend a fortune on arbing software applications. But if you want to take it seriously and make a decent profit it’s essential that you upgrade to a paid service or ‘Arb Finder’. Here’s why:

You need to make the most of your betting accounts. It’s inevitable that your stakes will be restricted if you continue to bet on arbs, so it’s important to make a decent profit while you still can.
Speed is imperative. The paid options are fast and constantly refresh. They give you every chance of beating other punters to the chase before the Bookie adjusts their odds and the arbitrage betting opportunity disappears.
The features are rich. You’ll benefit from extras such as email alerts, integrated arbing calculators and mobile site versions.
Return on investment is so good that it’ll pay for itself. If you make the most of a paid arbing service then you’ll earn a much greater profit than simply picking off a few free arbs.

Basically, Arbitrage betting opportunities come and go very quickly. No matter how experienced you are it’s almost impossible to regularly find enough free Arb bets without an Arb Finder that constantly monitors the odds. So I’m going to recommend some excellent solutions to you.

Here’s a review of the six best Arbitrage Bet Finders on the market…


1. Rebelbetting — For Serious Arbing

Rebelbetting is without any doubt the best, most professional arbing service on the market. It’s fast, user-friendly and the most actively developed arbitrage application today.

The “secret investment method” they promote is of course sports arbing/surebetting, and they give you all the tools to make the very most from precisely that.  To get started, their free Sports Arbitrage e-book contains everything you need know, and will guide you through your first risk-free arbitrage bet.

RebelBetting’s specialist Arbing software displaying the currently available surebets.

rebelbetting-main-window-arbing software


Rebelbetting Boasts

Average profits of 10-15% every month for just a few hours work every week
That they’ll teach you everything you need to know, and guide you to your first profits
That you can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet
The downloadable software can be run on Mac as well as Windows! It can be used in free mode  (limited version).

RebelBetting are aware that subscribers worry about bookmakers shutting their accounts. So thankfully the company continues to reinvest money into adding more bookmakers and more features onto their software. This means that it becomes increasingly better value for money, too.

Rebelbetting Payment Structure

All plans have recurring subscriptions — but you can cancel before the end of your subscription period.

The payment structure is generous considering the speed & reliability of the product — not to mention the abundance of profitable betting opportunities it brings you. The Rebelbetting trial week is a good way to get a feel for the software. But ultimately you’ll benefit from paying for a longer subscription upfront, as large discounts are given to long-term customers.

RebelBetting Payment Structure (Published: July 2016)

rebelbetting-payment-plans-arbing software


Is Rebelbetting’s Arbing Software worth the cost?

Yes — if you’re treating arbing as more than just a hobby. If you’re taking it seriously, and looking to generate a fulltime income (for as long as your accounts remain open), then here’s your Arbitrage Finder.

You won’t make a long-term career from arbing, but Rebelbetting gives you the most opportunity to profit while it lasts.


2. Odds Monkey — For Casual Arbing

OddsMonkey is the #1 Matched Betting site, and their software serves over 25,000 matched bettors. Like Rebelbetting, they’re constantly evolving to ensure that they keep up with their competitors, and recently added new features such as a 2-way and 3-way dutch finder to the Premium package.

OddsMonkey combines the similar concept of Matched Betting with Arbing. The powerful and yet incredibly simple Odds Matcher makes finding arbs a breeze — and unsurprisingly it’s the most used tool in the matched betting community.

The OddsMonkey OddsMatcher showing Arbs (where the Rating is >100%)



The Ratings above 100% show current arbitrage opportunities i.e. where the Bookmaker odds are above the exchange odds for that selection. That’s it.

OddsMonkey’s matching tool was originally intended for Matched Betting — but don’t be put off by this. It doubles up as an excellent, and very cheap arbitrage bet finder.

OddsMonkey Boasts

An in-browser odds matcher for identifying sure bet odds
The 5 free guides show members how to make an estimated £45 in under an hour from Matched Betting
It unlocks the key to earning thousands of pounds from free bets
An excellent daily offers calendar which guides subscribers on the latest sports & casino bonuses
An active forum of members from the Matched Betting community

OddsMonkey Payment Structure

I recommended using the free version to start with. But from one glance over the list of Premium features it’s clear that £17.99 a month is a generous price. Even with minimum input it’s almost certain you’ll see a return on investment from arb hunting using OddsMonkey. However, note that OddsMonkey won’t ever promote “guaranteed” profits for any of their services.

Again, the best value option is the Premium Annual subscription, where you’re rewarded for your loyalty.

OddsMonkey Payment Structure (Published: February 2018)

OddsMonkey Arbing Software - Best Arb Finder, Arbitrage Betting Tool for Surebets (Arbing Software Price Review)



3. Oddstorm — For Football Arbs

OddStorm was founded by motivated sport analysts and developers. Their arbing software is currently focused on football, with the view to incorporate all others sports in the imminent future.

This product is perfect for those seeking a fast in-browser arb feed. Whilst it includes a downloadable desktop app, it also supports a web-based version with mobile compatibility. All bets which appear in the surebet feed are identified by OddStorm themselves, not third parties. This means that the arbs are reliable, and immediately zapped to your device in super-quick time.

The OddStorm arbitrage betting software is a well thought-out product. It’s highly configurable and offers a large array of arbitrage types, such as: Surebets, Middles, and Polish Middles. There’s even the option to filter by PreMatch and InPlay sure bets, too.

Where OddStorm goes the extra mile is that it offers an automated feature which opens up the bet slips at the Bookies. This has been developed without using methods like “deep linking” which can be easily traced by the Bookmakers. This technically-sound, hard-to-detect arbing software truly lends itself to professional betting groups.

The OddStorm Sure Bet Finder Main window (downloadable version)


OddStorm Boasts

InPlay and PreMatch arbs
A choice between a Web and Desktop App (although desktop is recommended due to the priority it gets on support/updates)
Provides Middles and Polish Middles for both InPlay and PreMatch.
Fast refresh rates. 1-3 seconds for InPlay and average 15 seconds for PreMatch.
Simple navigation, leading users straight to the betslip — all you have to do is click “bet”. This feature is untraceable by the Bookmakers.
Supports 60+ bookmakers and “clones”.
Odds Comparison and Odd History database. You can view the history of odds and how it’s changed in real time.
A training program specially made to teach you everything about sports arbitrage betting.

OddStorm Payment Structure

There are 2 different payment structures: the “VIP” and the “VIP Plus”.

I’d recommend purchasing a PreMatch package first. InPlay arbs are riskier, and you’d have to be very fast to make a success of it.

OddStorm VIP Payment Structure (Published: July 2017)

OddStorm VIP Plus Payment Structure (Published: July 2017)


The main benefit to the “VIP Plus” package is the semi-automatic navigation (to the Bookie bet slip) feature. This enables professionals to set up their ‘syndicate’, and to pick up as much as 30% more arbs across all compatible Bookies.



4. Bet Burger — For In-Browser, Cross-Compatible Arbing

The Bet Burger arbitrage betting site has been around for over 4 years, serving 35,000 subscribers. They offer a great selection of resources for the absolute beginner, making arbitrage betting accessible to all.

The Bet Burger arbing software scans more than 100 bookies, identifying both ‘Live’ inplay arbs, and traditional ‘Prematch’ arbs. It currently finds Surebets across 23 different sports for ‘Prematch’ mode, and 13 for ‘Live’ mode. The total number of compatible Bookmakers/Sports continues to grow.

The in-browser arbing software makes life simple for arbitrage bettors — made evident by Bet Burger’s cross-platform compatibility. Unlike most arbing services, Bet Burger runs on smart phones, tablets, PC and Mac.

Furthermore, Bet Burger includes a neat Chrome browser add-on called ‘Arb Helper’ (which I highly recommend using). This plugin saves you ample time during bet placement by taking you directly to the betslip. Importantly, the Bookmakers are unable to detect the source of the redirect — making your arb activity less obvious.

Bet Burger’s Arbing Software — an in-browser interface (with Mac compatibility)

Bet Burger Arbing Software Best Arb Finder, Arbitrage Betting Tool)


Bet Burger Boasts

InPlay and PreMatch arbs
Simple in-browser, cross compatible interface (smart phones, iPad, PC, Mac etc.)
Provides Middles for both InPlay and PreMatch.
Arb Helper add-on leads the user straight to the betslips, making for rapid bet placement. This is untraceable by the Bookmakers.
Supports 62 Prematch Bookmakers (plus 57 “clones”), and 50 Live Bookmakers (plus 47 “clones”). This makes for plenty of opportunities to profit.
Includes access the the ‘Arbitrage Betting Academy’ — a training program specially made to educate subscribers about arbitrage betting.
Claims to provide users with “more arbs than from any other rival”.

Bet Burger Payment Structure

Bet Burger offers a free version of their arbing software, showing Prematch arbs up to 1% (60 seconds delayed). To earn a serious profit, you’ll need to upgrade.

There are 2 different premium modes split into “Prematch” and “Live”. The subscription prices are competitive — hence the high number of current users.

Unless you already have experience in placing arbitrage bets, I recommend that you start off with one of the Prematch packages.

Bet Burger Payment Structure: ‘Pre-match’ and ‘Live’ Surebets

Bet Burger Arbing Software Best Arb Finder, Arbitrage Betting Tool)



5. Bet Slayer — For ‘Value For Money’ Arbing

Bet Slayer is a relatively new entrant to the arbitrage software market. What this arb finder represents is excellent value for money — offering both mobile & desktop compatibility, 32+ bookmakers, and on-going support.

The simple-to-use Bet Slayer interface is completely cloud based (like Bet Burger and Oddstorm) meaning there’s no software to be downloaded to your device. The Bet Slayer pre-match refresh rates are sufficiently fast, providing subscribers ample opportunities to regularly profit from arbitrage bets. All arbs display in a neat and easily readable table, with the functionality to take users directly to the bet slips at the Bookie. It’s a pleasure to use.

If you’re familiar with Matched Betting services like OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator, then Bet Slayer might be for you. It offers a similar ‘low subscription, high reward’ proposition. It also has that same ‘community feel’, by providing free arbitrage betting courses and walkthroughs, as well as an enormous arbitrage betting Facebook group. Help is always at hand.

Bet Slayer is only £49 a month — and slightly less for longer subscription packages (see below). It offers a free 7-day trial as well as a 30 day money-back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied. For such a small investment, Bet Slayer is a great place to start arbing.

The Bet Slayer arbing software has helped thousands of members achieve a regular income from arbing.

bet Slayer Arbing Software Surebetting software (Sure bets, Arb Finder)


Bet Slayer Boasts

Supports 32+ bookmakers
Mobile & desktop compatibility
Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, American Football, Snooker, Boxing & MMA arbs.
Simple table layout, with filter features
‘Add to betslip’ functionality
Free arbitrage betting courses and walkthroughs
7 day free trial, and 30 day money back guarantee
Biggest arbitrage betting facebook community
Regular updated, voted by customers

Bet Slayer Payment Structure

Bet Slayer offers a free 7 day trial. I highly recommend signing up and giving it a go.

The standard full monthly subscription is still only £49 /month. The 6 and 12 month options work out at £44.16 and £39.16 respectively (not a huge reduction). I’d personally recommend the monthly commitment.

At these prices, Bet Slayer is ideal for part-time arbers as opposed to the full-time ‘professional’.

The low cost of Bet Slayer’s arbing software

included in the free 7-day trial



6. BetOnValue — For ‘Price Watch’ Arbing

BetOnValue is an established Surebet finder that boasts thousands of daily arbs, from over 100 supported bookmakers and betting exchanges. The site evolved from BetBrain — a well-known Surebet alert service.

As the name “BetOnValue” suggests, the service isn’t solely focused on arbing. It incorporates a comprehensive odds comparison tool, displaying prices across a vast array of sports markets. In addition, an odds history graph reveals all recorded prices since an arb was first detected by BetOnValue. Users can filter the graph by a range of variables — such as the Bookmaker and time range.

BetOnValue will appeal most to Arbers looking to monitor price movements. But if you’re starting out, it’s worth remembering that arbitrage bettors generally seek risk-free bets — not the best odds on any particular selection. These additional features offered by BetOnValue are a great bonus, though. For value betting software, check out: The Best Value Betting Software/Finder 2018.

The real highlight of BetOnValue is, of course, the ‘Surebets’ section. It’s designed to show arbitrage opportunities as soon as they appear (for Gold members, anyway), and it can be configured to the user’s preference. It has a simple interface that’s enjoyed by many recurring subscribers.

BetOnValue also includes an integrated Accounting System and Arb Calculator for all members — even free signups. Since Arbing requires speed, there’s very little time to waste logging bets or calculating the profitability of an arbitrage opportunity. Therefore, by signing up to BetOnValue, you’ll instantly benefit from these two time-saving features.

The BetOnValue Arb Feed, with direct links to bookmakers

Best Sports Arbing Software (Surebet Finder Arbitrage Tool Software)


BetOnValue Boasts

Supports 100+ bookmakers
Free account (20 minute delay, maximum 1% return on arbs)
Simple & customisable arb filter
Accounting feature for logging arbitrage bets
Detailed Odds Comparison tool
“ValueBets” section for monitoring odds movements
Helpful Surebetting advice & explanations published on the BetOnValue website
Direct & ‘Deep linking’ integration with Bookmakers’ websites

BetOnValue Payment Structure

BetOnValue offers 3 subscription packages: Free, Silver and Gold. All packages offer “ValueBets”, as well as the Accounting feature, as standard. Paying customers (Silver and Gold members only) obtain access to all 100+ compatible Bookmakers. 

I recommend making the upgrade to Gold (€125 /month), where all arbs are instantly available, as a lot of opportunities will disappear within the 3 minute delay on Silver memberships. Hence the higher price.

The 3 packages offered by betonvalue. try out the interface for free!

Sports Arbitrage Betting Software BetOnValue (Surebet Finder Tool, Arbing Software)



How do I pay for Arbing Software?

OddsMonkey, RebelBetting and OddStorm all accept Skrill as a payment method.

How about fully automated Arbing Software? Does it exist?

I’ve been asked a few times about the existence of automated arbitrage software — where the Back and Lay bets are placed automatically.

It’s difficult enough to hard-code a program to perform bet placement, let alone making it suitable for widespread public use. Furthermore, if everyone had an automated solution, arbing would be far too competitive.

Those with an automated arbing program don’t share it. So unless you develop an arbing bot yourself, you’ll struggle to achieve complete automation.


Want To Learn More About Arbing Before Subscribing To Software?

You may have heard or read about “arbitrage betting” , “sure betting”, or “sure wins” before. But unfortunately not all online content about arbing is accurate or truthful.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know:


Mathematically Speaking, Arbing is Completely Risk Free

When I hear about “risk free profit” my scepticism tends to kick in. But this is a special case.

With an “arb” or “sure bet” the bettor has an opportunity to place one bet per each outcome of a sporting event using different betting companies. The result is a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. It does require some initial investment (deposits to Bookmaker and exchange betting accounts), but if you follow the simple bet procedure then you’ll increase your bankroll, risk free.

Disclaimer: This is all mathematically speaking. In rare cases where the Bookmaker does not pay out, or voids your bets, you are not guaranteed profits.

Despite What You Read, Arbing is Still Pretty Active

Arbing is secretive. There are still groups or “betting syndicates” making a living from it and they don’t want to encourage others to join in and disrupt the status quo. More arbers means increased competition for odds and reduced profitability for the professionals. Bookmakers already limit accounts to discourage arbing — but the sure betting opportunity is still there to an extent, nonetheless.

It’s Very Similar to Matched Betting

A good foundation for arbitrage is matched betting, or “bonus arbitrage”. If you’re not familiar with it then I encourage you to read my Step-By-Step Guide.

With matched betting you need to seek a suitable sporting event to place your Back and Lay bets on. Typically, you’ll look for close match between the bookmaker and exchange odds. The process enables bettors to cash in on Bookmaker free bets at no risk. It’s very similar to arbing — except that this time you’ll be looking for odds where the Bookmaker has better odds than Betfair. Arbing is essentially: “back high at the Bookmaker, Lay at lower odds on the exchange”.

Betfair Best Arbing Software (Arbitrage Betting Software, Arb Finder)


It’s Not Difficult. But it’s Got Limitations.

The basics are actually not too difficult. You can learn more about arbing from reading my post here. This should bring you right up to speed and teach you how to generate a risk free profit from your bets. What I conclude in my post is that arbing is worth it if you’re prepared to accept your betting accounts restricted or closed. That’s unfortunately the downside to regularly churning a risk-free profit from the Bookmakers.

To find out more on getting started with Sports Arbitrage and what tools you need, I recommend reading this post at Church of Betting.

Have I missed out a great product from this arbitrage software review? Let me know!

Note: this software review was originally posted 10 Sep 2016. I’ve since been updating it periodically to keep it current.


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