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I always love  anything  related to

I always love anything related to


Do you believe in star signs? Whether you trust in what your horoscope says or not, you might want to read this…

It turns out that the luckiest star sign is Aries. According to research by, those born between March 21st and April 19th are more likely to hit the jackpot. Aries are the most likely to win big (more than £1000), with 520 big winners per 10,000 winners, with Sagittarus coming in close second. However, it’s bad news if you’re a Capricorn, as they came last in the table. Those with a Leo and Aquarius star sign didn’t do too well, either Sorry.

Here’s the full list so that you can see where you fall in line with your star sign. It’s based on the most winners per 10,000 winners.

Aries – 520

Sagittarius – 519

Cancer – 510

Taurus – 510

Virgo – 498

Scorpio – 496

Libra – 477

Gemini – 476

Pisces – 471

Leo – 467

Aquarius – 462

Capricorn – 456

The study shows that Virgos came out on top when it comes to overall winners, with 11,186 people taking home cash wins. This is the full breakdown…

Credit: Buzzbingo

So all in all – great news if you’re an Aries!

Sagittarius and Cancer, we’d say you can cash in on the luck, too.

Might be worth heading to the bingo this weekend…

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Awesome   very informative

Awesome very informative

The 6 Best Free Ideas and Tools for Event Promotion
You’ve organised a can’t-miss event. You’ve settled on a venue, enlisted performers or speakers, and honed in on the details. And you’ve set up your ticketing options. Now, you’re faced with the most daunting challenge: getting people to attend. Event promotion doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, […]

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Stuff like this are why I love your page

Birth Story

Before I was pregnant I never really understood people sharing their birth stories, photographers in the birth room or people live streaming their most intimate moment (I mean, I’m still not quite there with the last bit, but whatever floats your boat!) It seemed like too much information and to be quite frank, a bit […]

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IMO posts about  is fab

IMO posts about is fab

Much like Princess Diana and her fashion secrets before her, Meghan Markle has a few sartorial tips up her sleeve to make sure she always looks impeccable during royal outings (putting her own  royal protocol too many times, and off duty too.

The hidden meaning behind Meghan Markle’s clothes

The Duchess if Sussex thinks each outfit through carefully, and where appropriate, she likes to hide a secret meaning in them, like that time she had the Commonwealth flora embroidered on her wedding veil, or a piece of the blue dress she wore on her first date with Harry sewn into her wedding dress.

Photo: Rex

Meghan Markle never accepts free clothes

When Meghan was a Hollywood actress, she probably got given lots of designer clothes for free, however that all changed when she got married, because it’s agains royal protocol to accept gifts. However, the royal family are often give a discretionary discount.

Meghan Markle breaks royal protocol

The Duchess has earned herself the reputation of being a little bit of a sartorial rule-breaker, thanks to the unexpected outfits she wears which don’t always follow the rules. For example, she wore this mini dress for an outing in November, when it’s often recommended for women in the royal family to wear under-the-knee clothes. She also wore black nail varnish at the British Fashion Awards, when nude is the colour of choice for the Queen.

Meghan Markle wears shoes that are too big for her

You might have spotted the fact that Meghan often wears heels that are slightly too big for her, but there’s an excellent reason behind it. This is to avoid blisters, as new shoes can often be uncomfortable when they’ve not been worn in – though the Queen has someone who breaks her shoes in for her for this exact reason.

Meghan Markle uses a special method to roll up her sleeves

Not metaphorically, but physically. She apparently uses the J. Crew method to make sure her shirt sleeves stay rolled up but still look chic and casual while out and about.

meghan markle sunglasses

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

Meghan Markle wears body suits

When the Duchess wears skirts and trousers, she sometimes wears body suits to avoid her top becoming untucked. Especially handy on windy days.

Meghan Markle has a skirt trick

Ok, so it’s not just Meghan, Kate Middleton uses this skirt trick too. She sometimes get weights sewn into the hem of her skirts to avoid them blowing up in high winds and risking flashing everyone. They also tights to increase static to avoid this situation.

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