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Who else loves

Who else loves

Get inspired to make the hike to Kjeragbolten, the famous Norwegian rock suspended between two cliffs over a 1,000-meter drop.

Get inspired to make the hike to Kjeragbolten, the famous Norwegian rock suspended between two cliffs over a 1,000-meter drop.

I’m sure you’ve all seen them. 

The countless photos on travel blogs and Instagram accounts of the famous Kjeragbolten in Norway.

Each photo looks remarkably similar, with a lucky traveler posed on top of the rock lodged between two cliffs overlooking a deadly 1,000-meter drop.

Maybe he is showing off a nice little jump on top of the rock. Maybe she is rocking a complicated yoga pose. Maybe he is down on one knee and she is covering her mouth with her hands.

I’ve seen it all, people.

If your feed hasn’t been filled with these photos in recent years, go ahead and take a moment to search the hashtag “kjeragbolten” on Instagram.

Looks incredible, doesn’t it?

Well, it is. And it isn’t.

I made the hike to kjeragbolten in August of 2017. 

To sum it up, it’s exhausting, it’s beautiful, and there’s a giant line of people at the top waiting for their turn to snag the ultimate Instagram photo. 

Rather than wait in line, I sat down and ate my packed lunch. 

I was tired. And hungry. And couldn’t give less of shit about climbing up onto that rock.

The photo I have of Kjeragbolten has some random person’s head sticking out from the side of the cliff. Nice, huh?

But you know what?

That hike was amazing. The views were incredible. It’s one of my fondest memories from my backpacking trip that year

Today I just want to share some photos from the hike in the hopes that they will inspire your next adventure.

If you’re headed to Norway, I highly recommend that you make the hike to Kjeragbolten.

Just don’t be surprised when you see the photo line at the top.

The Hike to Kjeragbolten

Most hikers make it there-and-back in between 6 and 8 hours. We did it in about six and a half hours, including the time we spent at the top.

The hike to Kjeragbolten is 7.5 miles long and is generally rated Strenuous. The elevation gain is 1870 feet, and there’s a lot of ups and downs on the hike.

There are three summits you have to make it over, which then means you have to make it back over them in the opposite direction on the way back down.

I was not in the best of shape when I did this hike (I’d just come from a week of heavy beering in Ireland), but I still managed to do it. Barely. 

When we made it back to our wild camp that night I slept like a baby!

Tips for the Hike to Kjeragbolten

  • Make sure to wear proper shoes. I did the hike in Nike runners and I was cursing myself the entire time. Boots, people!!
  • At that elevation there can be snow, even in August. Wear layers.
  • There can be intense winds at the top, so use caution when standing near cliffs.
  • Parking at the main site is quite expensive. If you feel up to it, try parking a little ways away on a side road and walking to the entrance.
  • For a detailed description of the hike itself, check out this great post.

Happy Adventuring, my friends!


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anyone   like  this  as much as me

anyone like this as much as me

Apple Date Cake - 3

I started this blog in a very different place. It was before I had a husband, babies, a book, multiple things competing for my attention let alone those competing for the attention of the people who read my posts. Instagram had only just been invented and the majority of my internet consumption was through the laptop on which I’m writing this rather than a mobile device. Eight years ago I read my favourite blogs religiously, and whether it’s increasing competition for my time and attention or simply me obediently following the market trend, I find myself scrolling those tiny tiles on Instagram instead, reading recipes posted in comments or stories and getting insights into my favourite foodies through fleeting images rather than words. It’s all about instant gratification and although the majority of Insta-recipes are unlikely to be carefully measured, triple tested, even spell-checked (a tedious pet peeve, but seriously, some big trusted names I’m looking at you) they are immediate and appealing and exactly what we – me included – all seem to want in 2019.

Apple Date Cake - 1

This sounds, I’m aware, as if I’m about to announce my exit from the blogging world. I’m not. I love writing too much to jack in the long form content, love looking back at this journey I’ve documented of life and love and family over almost a decade and adore the messages and emails I still get from readers of both this blog and my book. But I’m also aware that I simply don’t have the time or inclination to test and post a recipe every week as I religiously used to do. Every New Year’s Day my husband and I sit down and write out our goals for the year, a mixture of bigger picture – get pregnant, move house, increase income – type intentions and the smaller stuff – practise yoga X times a week, be more mindful, write more recipes. I’ve found that the arrival of a (much anticipated) second child has made me really reflect on where I am in life – ostensibly this happiness feels as good as it’s going to get, but I’m the kind of person for whom sitting still is not an option. And try as I might to live in the moment, I’m always looking on to that next step, planning more. Writing more recipes is definitely on my list whether it’s through this site or via my Instagram accounts @thelittleloafblog and @feedinglittleloaves. The latter, if you don’t already follow, is my family focused feed and perhaps the most appealing to me at this stage in our lives where those littlest loaves rule the roost.

Apple Date Cake - 4

The recipe that follows comes from one of my favourite family friendly cookbooks, Real Food For Babies and Toddlers. The author is a mum of three boys so no stranger to filling hungry bellies and her approach to recipe writing is both practical and inspiring. This cake is wholemeal, sweetened only with blitzed up dates and the slices of semi dried apple you see on the top: so healthy you could eat it for breakfast, and yet it still feels like a treat. I’ll be back soon with one of my own recipes, but in the meantime please do pop over to Instagram, tell me what you’re enjoying or not in the recipe world and what you’d love to see more of or next. Happy baking.

Wholemeal Apple & Date Cake
Prep time

Cook time

Total time


A not too sweet wholemeal loaf cake topped with slices of semi-dried apple. I divided the original recipe between two little loaf tins so we would have one cake to eat and another to freeze, but have written below as it appears in Vanessa’s book.
Author: Vanessa Clarkson
Recipe type: Baking
Serves: 8 slices

  • 330ml whole milk
  • 8 soft medjool dates, pitted
  • 10 green cardamom pods
  • 150g wholemeal spelt flour
  • 90g dessicated coconut
  • 1½ tsp baking powder
  • 2 large eggs
  • 80ml coconut oil, melted and cooled
  • 2 eating apples, cored and thinly sliced

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C. Line a 20cm round cake tin with baking parchment.
  2. in a medium saucepan, simmer the milk, dates and cardamom over a low heat until the dates have softened and the spice infused. Remove from the heat and blend in a food processor.
  3. In a medium bowl, combine the flour, coconut and baking powder. In a separate bowl, beat together the eggs and coconut milk then combine with the other wet ingredients before folding in the dry.
  4. Scrape your batter into the prepared tin and top with apple slices. Bake for 40 minutes until risen and golden, then leave to cool in the tin.
  5. This cake is delicious warm from the oven but will keep in an airtight container for several days.

Recipe from Vanessa Clarkson’s Real Food For Babies & Toddlers.



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Who else  thinks  is cool ?

Who else thinks is cool ?

I presented my 18-month long leadership project today. I was the last of 12 presentations and I wasn’t nervous until minutes before I was to present. Then, crazy palm sweats! I had worked hard on my slides and the project was one I was proud of. Two people from my department surprised me by coming to watch in the room full of people so I was definitely feeling the love!

I’m glad it’s over! Phewwwww!!!

I left there and promptly came home to walk the dog. It was in the 30’s and sunny and I was craving some activity after sitting, quite literally, ALL DAY. I was also avoiding picking up Shea too early for fear of her wrath – she loves staying on Tuesdays for afterschool care. However, she did ask that she not be the last one picked up. An interesting request from a child who is never the first nor the last child at daycare. Ever.

After my walk with Harlie, I hopped on the Peloton…and the treadmill. I’m trying to finish my book club book for Thursday evening and there’s a high likelihood that that will not happen in time. I wasted too many hours reading the book I was committed to only because I had paid $8 for it and had high hopes for the work of one of my favorite authors. BONK. I need to stop wasting time on book that are uninspiring. I nod off every time I start reading and they take me weeks and weeks to complete.

Next up was making dinner – another pasta meal. I’m not sure what it is about pasta and winter, but it always feels like the right choice. Tonight’s pasta meal was nothing special…marinara from a jar, chicken sausage from the freezer…and green beans from a can. I went simple, what can I say? Nothing like this Cajun masterpiece!

I lightened up this dreamy pasta and I must say, I don’t think it was missing any flavor. Only calories 😉 Packed with protein and spicy Cajun seasoning, this creamy pasta meal is a crowd pleaser and one we’ll SURELY be making again!

Creamy Cajun Chicken and Sausage Pasta
Author: Nicole Morrissey
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

Serves: 5 servings (scant 2 cups)

  • 8 oz uncooked penne pasta
  • 2 Tbsp butter, divided
  • 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, thinly sliced
  • 1 Tbsp Cajun seasoning
  • 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning
  • ½ tsp salt and black pepper, to taste
  • 6 oz chicken andouille sausage, sliced into ¼-inch pieces
  • 1 lb baby bella mushrooms, sliced,
Creamy Parmesan Sauce:
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 cup low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ cup half and half
  • ½ cup whole milk
  • 2 tsp Cajun seasoning
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

  1. Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. Add pasta and cook 7-9 minutes or until al dente. Drain and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, season chicken on both sides with the Cajun seasoning, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of butter over medium-high heat. Once hot, add the chicken and cook for 4-5 minutes per side, until browned and cooked through. Remove chicken to a cutting board to rest and return skillet to heat. Add sliced sausage and cook for 2-3 minutes per side or until browned. Remove sausage to a plate and set aside.
  3. Return skillet to heat and add remaining tablespoon of butter. Once melted, add the sliced mushrooms and saute for 4-5 minutes or until softened. Remove to the plate with the sausage.
  4. To prepare the sauce, add 1 tablespoon butter to the pan. Once melted, add the garlic and cook until golden. Add chicken broth, Worcestershire sauce, half and half, and milk; bring to a light simmer. Whisk in the Cajun seasoning, paprika and garlic powder and allow to cook for 1-2 minutes. Add Parmesan cheese and whisk to blend. Cook for 2-3 minutes more to thicken the sauce.
  5. Add cooked pasta into the sauce and mix in well. Next add the chicken, sausage and mushrooms back into the pan and allow them to reheat for 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.

Recipe lightened up from What’s In the Pan?

Nutrition Information
Serving size: scant 2 cups Calories: 474 Fat: 19.4 Carbohydrates: 42.0 Sugar: 5.6 Fiber: 2.4 Protein: 35.8 Cholesterol: 106


Be well,

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Valuable Post  !

Valuable Post !

Each year on Valentine’s Day, I like to cook Jorge a special dinner.  I try to go all out with a specific theme or with recipes made with luxurious ingredients.  To me, an intimate home-cooked meal is one of the best ways to say I love you!  Below you’ll find 15 Valentine’s Day recipes to help you prepare your own special feast. 

Raspberry Elderflower Granita Recipe

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